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Ch Teviot Scot O'Lauderdale  (17/10/2002 - )

Scot was a Champion before he came to live with me.  His breeder, Jean Godfrey, always says that he had not originally been her pick to keep from his litter, but Sue Atkinson (Jansline Beagles) had seen him as a baby and indicated that she thought he was the one that Jean should keep.  So he stayed, and Jean started showing him.


At 10 months of age he took Reserve Dog Challenge and Runner Up to Best in Show at the Beagle National Championship Show in Melbourne, in 2003, under UK judge Ann Phillips (Lanesend Beagles).  He then also took the Dog Challenge and Runner Up to Best in Show at the 2005 Beagle Club of Victoria Championship Show, under UK judge, Mrs Barbara Roderick (Barterhound Beagles).  And another wonderful win was at the 2006 Sunbury Canine Club Championship Show, under UK judge Penny Carmichael, when Scot won Best of Breed out of 42 Beagles.  He also had many BOB's at All Breed Champ Shows along the way, before and after I adopted him.  


Scot is only shown sparingly now, he's earned his semi-retirement.  But he still loves to come out and show - and he proved this in September 2009, when he took 2nd place in a lovely big field of Open Dogs at the National Championship Show in Adelaide, under UK judge Ann Tofts (Jarrowley Beagles).  He then went on to win Best Gaited Hound as well, which is such a thrill - he is a wonderful dog to move in the ring with, he covers the ground effortlessly, with as close to perfect gait as you could want.  His structure is such that he has wonderful reach and drive, and just floats around the ring, using far fewer steps than many of his competitors.  I often hear people raving about their dog's reach and drive, but it's seldom you see a dog with movement like Scot's.  He has many Best Gaited sashes at home to prove it, along with many others from Specialty and All Breed shows.  He's seldom beaten in a gaited class, unless he's having one of his bad days, where he just doesn't want to do anything!  I think that's a tan and white thing, sometimes they will and sometimes they won't!!!  He even managed to get a 3rd in the Best Gaited class at the Nationals in Perth in 2006, about half an hour after being bitten on the foot by a bull ant, and having had his foot ice packed, and two Polaramine tablets which helped to take the sting out of it, but made him a bit dopey! 


He has now added another place in the Open Class at the 89th Beagle Club of NSW Champ Show on 4/4/2010, under UK judge, Sally Kimber (Coachbarn Beagles), and she also placed him 2nd in Best Gaited Hound, another sash to add to his collection.

Sadly, on 28/4/2014, I had to have my beautiful boy put to sleep after a horrific couple of months.  Early in March, our house had been broken into and theives stole all my camera equipment and jewellery (which included my Grandmother's, Mother's and Auntie's antique jewellery).  We had been away for a weekend of shows, so didn't find out until arriving home on the Monday evening.  A week later, my first day back at work after the robbery, someone tried to force the side gate open, presumably to steal the dogs, and when I came home I found that Scot had been injured, he could barely walk and was obviously in considerable pain.  We saw a local vet who said he appeared to have been hit with something and his neck and spine were injured.  We then saw our preferred vet in Bendigo (a 2 1/2 hour drive from home at that time) and after xrays it was evident that there was neck and spinal trauma and injuries.  We tried acupuncture treatment, which at first seemed to help a little, but overall Scot was not getting any better.  When he could no longer manage to get up to walk even a few paces, I decided (with Jane Godfrey's assistance, as he was always her boy, too) that it was time to let him go to the Rainbow Bridge and take away his pain and suffering.  He would cry if I went out of sight, and I had to pull him around the floor on a piece of vet bed so he could be near me. There was no longer any quality in his life, and I knew he would never be able to float across the ground as he had always done when he moved, and it was time to let him have his wings instead.  I held him and loved him, and was the last person he saw, as I had always promised him I would be.  He was laid to rest in the garden in Castlemaine, where he was born, among the other Beagles from his family who have gone before, and since, and I go to see him every time I visit Jane and Faith and their Beagles.  He is forever in my heart, and no matter how much time goes by, I miss him every day.


Melodale Stockman (2/4/2009 - )


Hamish went with us to Adelaide, SA, in September 2009 for the 8th Beagle National Championship Show, and came 3rd in a very big line up of very nice Baby Puppy Dogs, under UK Beagle judge, Ann Tofts (Jarrowley Beagles).  He was then placed 2nd in Minor Puppy at the Beagle Club of Victoria Championship Show under USA judge Molly Martin.  The same day he was placed first in the Minor Puppy Sweepstakes under UK judge Mike Denny (Janimist Beagles).  He has gone through the odd stages of growing and maturing, and now seems to be finally settling into himself nicely.  He is getting over the worst of his travel sickness problems, and is much happier when we go out in the car now.  He's not completely cured, but is well enough to enjoy himself when we get there!


In February 2011, Hamish went to live with a lovely couple in Sunbury, where he is a very much loved pet boy now.  He had had an unfortunate injury to his left shoulder tissues, and it caused permanent damage to his front movement, although his beautiful movement in profile had not changed, he just looked as if he was "close in front", even though he had not been born that way.  It was a shame, as he had otherwise had a bright future ahead of him.  I still miss him, he was like a shadow to me at home, and he had such a beautiful and gentle nature.


Aust Ch Melodale Drovers Mate (21/2/2011)



Drover is a lovely young man, very outgoing and happy, and also very gentle and loving.  He has many lovely qualities from his father, Ch Teviotdale Drovers Dream (Fergus), who was bred and is owned by Faith Brawley.  I have always admired Fergus, and was very happy that Faith allowed me to mate him to my girl, Sally, for this litter.  So far, the attributes I was hoping to breed within this match, appear to be there, so I will be watching him grow and mature with interest.


Above:  Drover at his first show, at KCC Park on 21/5/2011.

Over the years since then, Drover won many Best of Breeds and Dog Challenges at all breeds shows, and was titled in 2013.  Since then, he has become the "alpha male" at Melodale, following the loss of Scot, he follows me around as if scared that I will run away if he blinks, and he is now enjoying his retirement at the age of 11.  He sired a litter in 2018, with Jenny (Melodale Heart of Gold), and I kept a girl from the litter, Alice (Melodale Drover's Heart).  He will hopefully sire another litter in the near future.



Melodale Springtime in Camelot  (1/9/2015 - )



Melodale Made to Order  (20/1/2017 - )



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