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Over the years, I have taken so many photos of my Beagles doing what they do best, being clowns and having fun.  The other thing they are so good at is being couch potatoes - and mine have all been experts in that field.  Thank goodness they don't get to check out my website pages, or they might get embarrassed!

Beau at Grandma's house - nice soft Beagle beds here.
Sunday morning sleep in!
Does this colour suit me?
Take the time to smell the roses (well, maybe the fuchsias)!
It's not a balcony, it's a Beagle Lookout!
Scot makes himself comfortable in his new home.
Scot moved into my home and my heart.
Scot and my Grandson, Spencer, settle down to watch TV and have a nap.
Scot is just a big teddy bear at heart!
Scot and his daughter, Crystal.
RUBISS from Mrs Barbara Roderick (UK), Beagle Club of Victoria Championship Show 2005.
After the show, one tired dog.
Thanks to Jill Farley for taking this lovely shot of Scot in action at the Beagle Club of Victoria Fun Day in May 2008.
Sally, 12 days old, bottom row, 2nd from left.
Sally at 5 weeks
Sally at 5 weeks
Sibling rivalry or brotherly love - Sally shares a toy with her brother, Logan (Ch Teviot Ambassador), at 4 months of age.
This is no "shrinking Violet"! Sally at 12 months.


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